At Tool Specialties Company we demonstrated industry leadership and innovation by being the first in our region to offer the high tolerance machining capabilities of Wire EDM.  Today we have continued our leadership with the expansion of our Wire EDM department offering to our customer’s the capabilities of 3 Charmilles Robofil 510/ 510F, a Fanuc Robocut, KTC Superdrill Hole Popper, and design stations equipped with Visi CAD/ Wire.

Our Wire EDM highly trained Wire EDM programmers operators have the skills and technology to machine conductive material of any hardness to an accuracy of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter.

Tool Specialties Wire EDM division gives us the capabilities to serve a variety of industries providing tooling components with the highest tolerances and quality.

Our Wire EDM capabilities:

  • Accuracy of up to one-thousandths of a millimeter
  • Machine conductive material of any hardness
  • Machine capacity for parts up to 15.7” x 27.5” x 15.7″
  • Submersible cutting
  • Inclined cutting