Paul Rauch founded Tool Specialties Company in 1947.  He was an experienced toolmaker with entrepreneurial spirit.  Since the very first day we have maintained a tradition of Quality and Excellence in the Tool & Die Industry.

We are a second and third generation company that continues to provide our customers with prompt service and accurate craftsmanship.  Paul began in a 7,000 square foot building in Overland, Missouri with machinery considered to be the best of its time.  There were no computers and no numeric controls just very skilled toolmakers that found a way to produce precision Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, and Special Machinery with what we now consider the most basic equipment.

Since then Tool Specialties Company has grown consistently.  We are now located in a 22,000 square foot facility in Hazelwood, Missouri.  We now employ over twenty-five people.

We still use some of the equipment first bought equipment by Paul Rauch.  We have broadened our capabilities by adding many new pieces of equipment.  The tooling that we produce begins with professional designs derived from the combination experience and the latest CAD technology.  We have a CNC milling department supported by two programming stations equipped with state-of-the art CAD-CAM software.  We also have three of the largest wire EDM machines in the St. Louis area.

Over the years quality control has improved with high tech equipment capable of producing more accurate parts.  Tool Specialties Company has invested in better ways of insuring accuracy.  Our Brown & Sharpe CMM not only filled this need but also provides us with the means to do reverse engineering.

Today we continue in the same spirit of the many skilled craftsmen that have worked at Tool Specialties Company throughout the years.  Though many jobs that once required days of hand filing, polishing, and fitting can now be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Our level quality and commitment to customer service remain the same.  As we continue to grow and improve our methods in metalworking we look forward to passing these valuable benefits on to our customers.